Climate Collaborative

The Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment is a first step toward coordinated Countywide efforts to build a prepared and stronger community to rising seas and changing climate.Additional work is needed to better understand and identify risks from other climate change impacts for our communities, including heat, wildfires, changing precipitation patterns, severe storm events, and degraded air quality.

Developing and implementing a climate change preparedness strategy for our County will require collaboration. No single entity can effectively tackle the significant impacts of climate change, but if we are better informed and continue working together, San Mateo County will be better prepared for the impacts of climate change.

Next steps will include continued work on the Climate Preparedness Action Plan in partnership with cities and community stakeholders to facilitate planning and adaptation for sea level rise and other climate change impacts. The Climate Preparedness Action Plan includes three key phases: 1) Assessment, 2) Planning, and 3) Engagement and Implementation.

A key immediate step will be to launch a Climate Collaborative of local government staff, elected officials and community stakeholders. The Collaborative will help refine and finalize the Climate Preparedness Action Plan and develop a process for working together on next steps.

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