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OFTEN REFERRED TO AS “GROUND ZERO” FOR SEA LEVEL RISE, SAN MATEO COUNTY IS ONE OF THE MOST VULNERABLE REGIONS OF THE BAY AREA. With funding from the Coastal Conservancy, the County of San Mateo is currently working with a broad coalition of governments across jurisdictional boundaries to spearhead an effort to address this challenge and create proactive solutions for our communities.



Tides are expected to be higher before and after the solar eclipse on Monday, Aug. 21. The high tides will provide a glimpse of the impact of future sea level rise.

Share your photos here -- in a post or in the comments -- of the high tides and flooding you may see during the eclipse.
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August 18th, 4:20 pm  ·  

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Which 2 sea level rise adaptation methods do you support the most (in general)?
Stay tuned tomorrow to see how Californians rank the methods!
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August 10th, 12:02 pm  ·  

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Thanks for all those who participated in yesterday's poll! The results of a recent study on Californians' general preferences for adaptation (Krosnick 2013, “Californians’ View on Climate Adaptation”) are:
• 62% Improving building codes

• 53% Limiting new development in flood and inundation zones
• 48% Building sand dunes as a means of coastal protection
• 33% Purchasing coastal property to induce retreat
• 32% Sea walls
• 30% Sand replenishment
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August 11th, 6:44 pm  ·  

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August 9th, 2:32 pm  ·  

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Great graphic shared by my friend and National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Em Jackson ... See MoreSee Less

August 8th, 10:09 am  ·  

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