Youth Exploring Sea Level Rise Science (YESS)

photo of the YESS program The YESS program empowers youth to engage directly in climate change solutions. Through an experiential education program that incorporates cutting-edge classroom curricula with hands-on science, high school students explore why sea level rise is happening and how their lives will be impacted.  They collect their own data; create digital storytelling products; and contribute meaningfully to local science and policy decisions. YESS allows those who will be most impacted by climate change – young people – to have a voice on the issue and to spark a broader conversation about risk and resiliency.

Youth empowerment to meet the challenges of a

changing climate

Educate students about sea level rise, engage young people meaningfully in local science and policy, and empower youth to have a voice in adaptation planning.

photo of the YESS program
Want to join us in connecting young people to science and policy? Here’s how:

Students: Share this website with your science teacher, or contact Carolyn Raider at

Teachers: We have developed a NGSS and Common Core aligned curriculum for Bay Area high schools. The curriculum is well-suited to environmental science classes (APES, chemistry, Marine Biology, Earth Sciences) and has been integrated into Social Studies and Language Arts classes as well. If you would like to use the curriculum for the 2017 – 2018 school year you can download it here. If you’re interested in learning more about our field trip opportunities where students can engage in activities like habitat restoration, contact Carolyn Raider at