Look Ahead – San Mateo


Look Ahead – San Mateo Climate Visualization Project

We are excited to announce a new partnership between the County of San Mateo, Climate Access, and Owlized to launch the Look Ahead – San Mateo climate visualization project. The goal of this 5 month effort was to engage the public, decision makers, and stakeholders on the increasingly relevant topic of sea level rise and its associated impacts.

Look Ahead – San Mateo is a new installation at Coyote Point where community members can take a 3D virtual reality tour of the changing shore and get involved with efforts to tackle sea level rise.

OWL Head view frontOWL Head view 45OWL Head view back

San Francisco based company Owlized installed an “Owl” device at Coyote Point Recreation Area in the City of San Mateo to help visualize sea level rise impacts. The Owl is a digital viewfinder modeled after the coin operated binoculars commonly found at scenic viewpoints. It houses a built-in augmented reality environment that allows people to see the potential impacts and responses to sea level rise in 3D for the very location they are viewing. The Owl project’s visualization and dialogue will be used to generate awareness and spur action related to climate change mitigation and adaptation among county residents, businesses, government representatives, and other stakeholders.

The Owl was in place from August 2016 until January  2017.