Sea Change San Mateo County is an initiative by the County of San Mateo to provide resources to local governments and agencies within the County on the issue of sea level rise. This website serves as a host to County projects such as the San Mateo County Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment, and the SFO/San Bruno/Colma Creek Resiliency Study. Sea Change San Mateo County is a collaboration between the County’s Office of Sustainability and the offices of Supervisors Dave Pine and Don Horsley.


Project History:

Our efforts to address the challenge of sea level rise began with an initial conference in December 2013 at the College of San Mateo, spearheaded by County Supervisor Dave Pine, California Assemblyman Rich Gordon, and U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier. The conference was a success, and drew in hundreds of stakeholders from all different sectors and organizations. Soon after, efforts evolved further into a detailed analysis of sea level rise vulnerabilities in the SFO, San Bruno Creek, and Colma Creek area, as well as a County-wide sea level rise vulnerability assessment.

After these conferences, we realized the necessity of a central clearinghouse for sea level rise information in San Mateo County. We see the challenge of climate change and rising tides to be a regional issue, and believe that collaboration between all the affected stakeholders is critical to finding effective solutions.

photo of coastline

Beach near Pescadero

Project Team:

San Mateo County

Jim Eggemeyer
Director, Office of Sustainability
Hilary Papendick
Climate Resiliency Specialist, Office of Sustainability
TimothyTimothy Carter
Climate Resiliency Assistant, Office of Sustainability
Gordon Tong
Sustainability Coordinator, Office of Sustainability
Michael Barber
Legislative Aide, Office of Supervisor Dave Pine
Deborah Hirst
Deborah Hirst
Legislative Aide, Office of Supervisor Don Horsley

California State Conservancy

Kelly Malinowski
Project Manager
Amy Hutzel
Amy Hutzel
Program Manager


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